Tree and Shrub Foliar Spray Program


Tree and Shrub Program

Mid-South Turf Professionals technicians are trained to spot insects and diseases on your trees and shrubs.  Maintaining healthy and attractive trees and shrubs take a lot of work.  This will ensure long-living and healthy plants.

We offer the following programs to enhance the health and beauty of your trees and shrubs. Foliar spray program applies to shrubs and trees up to fifteen feet tall. If you have any questions about what we can do to get your trees and shrubs in shape, please give us a 

call at 901-494-9088.

Early Spring Care

This is the time to prepare for insect control in the Spring.  We only use the best products to control overwintering insects.

Late Spring Care

The best time for trees and shrubs to be fertilized is right before summer.  They will also be checked for insects and diseases.

Summer Care

For healthy trees and shrubs, we will check out the landscape in order to detect insects and diseases and treat as necessary. 

Fall Care

This is the time to prepare for Winter. Once again we will check for insects and diseases and treat as necessary.

Winter Care

We will fertilize the trees and shrubs to keep them healthy during the winter and get them ready for the following year.

Bed Pre-Emerge Program


Bed Pre-Emerge

Our bed pre-emerge program consists of a four treatments applied to the beds using a granular pre-emerge. The four treatments are applied once in the Spring, twice in the Summer, and once in the Fall. This program is for mulch beds only.


Will the bed pre-emerge kill my existing weeds?

No. Bed pre-emerge helps prevent weeds from coming up, but will not effect any existing weeds in your bed.

Will this keep all weeds out of my beds?

No. The bed pre-emerge program does prevent majority of the weeds from coming up, but cannot prevent all.

Will it hurt any of my plants in the bed?

No. We use a granular pre-emerge to ensure it will not damage your landscaping.